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General Information
New players


New players of all skill levels are welcome! The OIRC includes players who are just starting up to athletes who have competed for Canada. You may attend a practice to actively participate with no contact or observe to get a feel for the sport. Please contact us to learn more.


Player commitment


As a member of the Ottawa Irish program you are committed to: 

  • Respecting your teammates, coaches, and members of the OIRC

  • Informing coaches or team managers of your availability for training and games in a timely manner

  • Respecting OIRC team selections

  • Attending all training sessions and games by avoiding work conflicts to the best of your ability

  • Arriving promptly to games and practices 

  • Wearing proper OIRC game kit

  • Conducting yourself in a respectable manner as a representative of the club at all team events

What to bring to practice​​

  • Water

  • Rugby shorts

  • Mouth guard

  • Rugby ‘boots’ are mandatory (molded soccer-style cleats are acceptable)

  • T-shirts are acceptable, however please note that rugby jerseys should be worn or be available during practice. Some of the drills involve pulling or tugging on a teammate's jersey and t-shirts may be torn.

  • Scrum caps and soft shoulder pads are not mandatory but can be worn

What to bring to games

  • White rugby Shorts

  • Green rugby socks

  • Mouthguard

  • Rugby ‘boots’ are mandatory (molded soccer-style cleats are acceptable)

  • Rugby jerseys are provided for games

Weather Policy

Basic general guidelines:

  • If it's raining, practice is a go

  • If there is a thunderstorm (see below for details), practice is (or will be) cancelled.

OIRC rugby events may be cancelled when:

  • Any severe weather warnings from Environment Canada (EC) are in effect including thunderstorm, tornado, high wind, and rainfall warnings

  • There is a weather advisory issued from EC for air quality or humidex to a degree that causes a health concern for participants or coaches

  • There is sufficient wind, rain or other precipitation to cause concern for safety of participants or coaches

OIRC rugby events will be delayed or suspended when:

  • Within 30 minutes of the start time, there is less than 30 seconds between thunder and lightning (indicating lightning is within an approximate 10 km radius

  • During the event, there is less than 30 seconds between thunder and lightning

  • It will only be considered safe to return to the field of play a minimum of 30 minutes after the final flash of lightning or clap of thunder has been seen/heard

Cancellation, delays, and suspension of rugby events including practices, tournaments, and special events are done at the discretion of the team director and will be communicated in advance (when possible).


Off-season training


The OIRC has a great off-season training program with Adam Blandford, the co-owner of CANAM Strength and Conditioning Gym. Interested in joining a gym? Contact Adam or click here to learn more.


The OIRC are always welcoming new volunteers to help organize the season, confirm availability for games, organize billets, video tape games, coordinate rides, etc. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for OIRC, please contact us

Weather policy
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