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Club Executive
Kevin Ireland


Provides strategic leadership and oversees all club activities. Questions about the OIRC? Contact Kev at:

Mel Judges

VP Rugby

Responsible for directing and managing the teams. Contact Mel at:

Alex Plourde

VP Special Projects

Responsible for raising the profile of OIRC though special projects. Contact Alex at:

Elizabeth Rylaarsdam

VP Marketing

Responsible for promoting the OIRC. Want to chat marketing, contact Elizabeth at:

Marius Felix

Technical Director

Provides technical support and mentoring to the coaches of all teams. Want to talk practice plans, contact Marius at:

James Moran.jpg
James Moran

VP Administration

Directs the OIRC's administrative functions. Contact James at:

Matt Harland

VP Finance

Want to talk money? Contact Matt at:

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Interested in joining the executive? 

Check out the list of executive roles and their tasks by clicking here

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