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2023 Feedback Survey

Calling all OIRC Members!

As we wrap up an incredible season filled with unforgettable moments and remarkable teamwork, it's time to reflect on our journey together. Your insights are key to shaping the future of our club!

We want to hear from every one of you. Your feedback matters! All Senior Players, Junior Players, and Mini and Junior Emergency Contacts registered with us this season have been sent a link to our annual feedback survey!

Please take the time to fill this out so we can continue to improve our club! If you did not receive an email please email and we can send you a link to the survey!

Your honest feedback is invaluable in guiding our next steps. Let's work together to elevate our training sessions, strategies, and club experience. Thank you for your dedication and passion this season! Your input will help us grow stronger, both on and off the field.

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