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Celebrating Excellence: Winners of OIRC Annual Awards

With the OIRC, excellence is not just a goal; it's a tradition. Each year, we gather to honor the outstanding performances, dedication, and sportsmanship that define our club. The 2023 Annual Awards Ceremony was a testament to the remarkable talent and commitment within our rugby family. Let's celebrate the champions who stood out.

Club Awards

Mark Lowry Award: Jamie Lafrance

Nancy MacLoed Award: Michelle McDonell

Francois Dubois Award: Malcolm Salmon

Senior Women:

Most Valuable Player: Jessica 'Barney' Joubarne

Most Improved Player: Isabelle Bergeron

Rookie of the Year: Piper Walsh

Senior Men 1XV

Most Valuable Player: Jamie Armstrong

Most Improved Player: Charlie Barrans

Senior Men 2XV

Most Valuable Player: Justin Perry

Rookie of the Year: Mark Mikaya

Most Improved Player: James Blacker

Junior Girls U18

15's Most Valuable Player: Ashlyn Sommerville

7's Most Valuable Player: Ines Garcia-Gutierrez

2023 Coaches Award: Morgan Payne

Junior Boys U18

15's Most Valuable Player: Ben Falvo

15's Most Improved Player: Ren Lebrun

7's Most Valuable Player: Owen Dawson

7's Most Improved Player: Rauridh Dobson

Junior Girls U16

15's & 7's Most Valuable Player: Ainsley McDonell

7's Coaches Award: Kailey Oates

15's Coaches Award: Kate Ouelette

Junior Boys U16

15's & 7's Most Valuable Player: Tim Landry

15's Most Valuable Forward: Angus Poluha

15's Most Valuable Back: Owen Fortier

15's Coaches Award: Cooper Macintosh

7's Coaches Award: Neill Dawson

Teammate Award: Jamie Monteiro

Junior Girls U14

15's Most Valuable Player: Eva Wismer

15's Coaches Award: Sam Northcott

7's Most Valuable Player: Monika Chlebowska

7's Coaches Award: Cleo Hurtubise-Gates

Junior Boys U14

Most Valuable Player: Paolo Escamilla-Jimmo

Coaches Award: Cole McKinnon

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